It still amazes me how slow the legal industry has been to embrace technology. There are a number of law firms and legal businesses who have implemented and are developing systems but there are still many who don't think it will affect them.  

Ultimately the industry needs to start focusing on what customers want. Customers want valuable data and analytics which give them real insight into what is going on within their business. Who is doing what, how long it’s taking, where there are bottlenecks etc. 

Recently I’ve noticed more and more articles which could create fear for future lawyers. I’m often asked ‘well won’t these technologies entirely replace lawyers?’. The short answer is no. Why can't we focus on the fact that by implementing and embracing technology the lawyers of today and tomorrow will be able to do higher value work. Instead of trainees and paralegals doing research etc. they will be able to do the real work they trained for far more quickly. If these systems can take away the research and grunt work then why would we not embrace it?

Time to wake up and smell the coffee.